“Area Boy” – Prof Russell Bluejack Replies Joe Igbokwe

“Area Boy” – Prof Russell Bluejack Replies Joe Igbokwe
August 04
11:51 2017

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Copied from Russell’s timeline

Russell writes a letter to his master, Prince Nnamdi Kanu, seeking permission to take on Joe Igbokwe in his stead. His master, seeing that Igbokwe falls short of the minimum standard required for his attention, accedes to Russell’s request.
One of Joe’s lackeys, perturbed by the correct classification of his master, concluded that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu had chickened out. This sort of fallacious and illogical leap from Russell’s appeal to Director Nnamdi Kanu’s so-called fear is a manifestation of our dysfunctional academic system. Let us go through the entire scenario anew. The conclusion is a product of neither induction nor deduction.
1) Mazi Nnamdi Kanu challenges professors to a debate
2) Exiled Joe Igbokwe, the career politician, steps out
3) Small boy Russell Idatoru Bluejack, seeing how inconsequential Joe is, pleads with his superior for the happenstance to take him on
4) Mazi Kanu, after intensive contemplation, acquiesces.
Is it possible to deduce or induce FEAR from (1) to (4)? We need functional and transformative education.
It is pellucid, from the foregoing concatenation of statements, that Mazi Kanu would have lampooned and reversed himself had he taken the bait. Area boy Joe’s real mission was to make the phenomenal freedom fighter look ordinary. Those who chide the hero of our time for not taking the plunge are his haters in the hood. Some have said it would have been an opportunity for Mazi Kanu to tell the world what Biafra is about. I wonder what he has been doing at the rallies. Perhaps our hero was dancing at the rallies. I also wonder what our Ijaw live programme is about. What exactly have my articles been doing? And who is telling you that sufficient knowledge comes from debate? Debates merely evince cleverness, not intelligence per se. Eloquence is not intelligence. Got that? Still laughing here.
In any case, our misadventurous Joe marred the lilliputian chance he had to see Mazi Kanu when he called him a “small boy”. Joe, it seems, enjoys prattling with/to kids; otherwise, why would he be seeking the attention of a “small boy”? If Mazi Kanu had gratified that impudent cum flippant nincompoop with his highly esteemed presence, I would have been livid. Joe Igbokwe, should focus on his decrepit APC, a party that has thrown the economy of Nigeria into a bottomless pit, and leave us alone. We are not career politicians. We are thinkers. We are transformers. We are out to repair what the like of Joe destroyed.
Shamefully, while the trio of Joe Igbokwe, Orji Uzor Kalu, and Rochas Okorocha became political monkeys jumping from one party to another, IPOB, under the aegis of Director Nnamdi Kanu, worked assiduously to put machinery in place for the onward exculpation of Biafrans from the stranglehold of the sons and daughters of Uthman Dan Fodio. Posterity will judge those who court the enemy in their selfish bid to remain relevant. The Crown of Glory on Mazi Kanu’s head will always be beyond the reach of the compromised. He who feels our pains and works to stop its infliction is truly honourable. Shame on everyone in the Old Eastern Region that joined in asking for restructuring. We shall remind them of their ignoble roles at the appropriate time.

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