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What God Told Me About Biafra – Nnamdi Kanu



Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi kanu, has revealed what told him about Biafra before he took up the agitation


Nnamdi Kanu said he did not start the journey by himself, but called by God to begin the movement that would eventually see the Igbos separate from Nigeria, adding that he spent sixteen years praying before God told him it was time.

Kanu, who spoke with Ugwumba TV, said this in response to a question on why he has so many followers across the Igbo nation and beyond.

He said, “I’m just a messenger. Why I have followers is because I’m standing on the truth. I’m working with sincerity and truth. The grace of God is leading me.

“At the appointed time, God told me to come out. He said it was time to gather his people. And He said the time is now. And we prayed earnestly.

“We prayed for sixteen years incessantly and asked grace from God. And God revealed to me that the time was ripe and that I should start the journey.

“God told me that Biafrans are ready to follow me when I lead and that is where we are today. It wasn’t prepared by man. It was God’s revelation.

When asked if restructuring will calm the agitations, Kanu maintained that all he wants is Biafra and nothing more.

“According to him, “No, we want to separate and be on our own. We want to go back to the way we were before the arrival of the white man.

“We had a name and our way of life before the white man came from nowhere and joined us together calling us Nigeria a name that we don’t even know the meaning.

“Who can tell me the meaning of Nigeria? We can continue with Nigeria. Igbo people have been killed in their numbers. And now, Fulani people are taking their cows into our lands and farms killing our people and raping our women and you tell it will be alright.

“You want us to stay together as brothers or enemies? They have shown us so many times that they hate us. They’ve rejected us but we won’t reject ourselves.”

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