Arewa Youths After Yorubas This Time Says They Are Ungrateful Stock

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A coalition of Arewa youth has said that “the
Yoruba are the most ungrateful stock in Nigeria”,
in a statement signed on behalf of the group by
Muhammed Shehu and Tanko Abdullahi, after an
emergency meeting called by the coalition in
Daura, Katsina State, on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.
In what may be the most inflammatory statement
of the times, the Northern youth group, which
said that they speak for the youth of Northern
Nigeria, said “having given power to the Yoruba
on a platter of gold in 1999 as a way of
compensating them for the June 12 saga, it is
quite worrisome and unfortunate that they have
lived up to their legendary reputation of
backstabbing and betrayal by supporting the
divisive calls for restructuring or dismemberment
of the nation against the will and desire of the
“We gave the late Chief MKO Abiola the mandate
in 1993 but shortly after that, as it is with the
Yoruba as a culture, they immediately started
circling around Abiola plotting on how to
emasculate the north and strip us of every access
we had to the politics and economy of this
nation,” the Arewa group said in the statement
which was e-mailed to The Trent .
“They had also raised a secret army of their elites
to carry out these sinister plans against the north
if Abiola eventually became president. It was this
army that was unleashed on the nation in the
guise of NADECO during the June 12 impasse.
“May we remind the Yoruba that without the
willingness and magnanimity of the north, there
was no way Abiola could have purportedly won
that election, and that all the Yoruba have now
as assets in the south west, especially Lagos,
were given to them by our leaders out of our own
usual magnanimity. However, time and time
again, the Yoruba have always turned their back
on us whenever their support is needed. They
have chosen to pitch tent with the Igbo this time
around just to spite us, but we shall not succumb
to their antics.

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