11 Possible Ways To Treat Android Overheating Problems

11 Possible Ways To Treat Android Overheating Problems
June 09
17:17 2017

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Tired of overheating android device?? Well there’re so many ways in which you can overcome overheating android device with the few tips written below and I’m sure after reading all, you’ll understand how they work and make an implementation.

Dozen of reasons why android device overheats and how to fix them are also written below, if you take time to study this reasons I’m sure you’ll see how useful they’ll be.


1. Make Use Of Original Chagers

Anytime we purchase a new device, a manual script comes with and this scripts ate written by the device manufacturers, and they always state some do’s and don’t’s about each device and the 1st don’t’s they always tell users is not to use reforbished Chagers to charge thier phone because it may be harmful to the battery life and this is one of the main reasons why android faces overheating, so make use of a good standard charger to charge your phone.

2. Charging Properly

Most android users have developed an act  of operating thier phone when charging and this act is highly prohibited because its not recommended for users, Get a good charger and let your phone charge from whatever percentage it is and let it charge to 100% then you can unplug it and use.

3. Reducing Multitasking Level

Android is arguably one of the best mobile platform across the globe and there’s no doubt about, and what makes it one the best is its ability to multitask I.e Running more than 8 apps at once, not all android device have the capability to do such so it’s advisible to forcestop any app running in background to avoid overheating.

4. Heavy Video Streaming

Streaming videos is another cause of overheating, tho most people don’t understand how this work and I’ll tell you that. Sometimes when we do things like streaming video from maybe youtube or any streaming source we know, streaming of videos requires more ram speed because most of the videos we are streaming are in HD format and this can affect devices to overheat, so it’s better to downlaod the videos or watch them as offline videos.

5. Playing Heavy Games

Games are fun to play, but only when you play with the right mobile requirements, playing high end mobile games on mobiles phones that doesn’t match requirements, so it’s advisible to play the games you know they won’t have negative effect on your android device.

6. Using Swollen Up / Damaged Batteries

When an android device overheats due to this, to me I see that as self inflicted occurrence cus some users will undergo the battery managing process thinking let me Continue managing and they don’t know it will cause overheating as time flies, so it’s advisible to replace any damaged battery asap even though the damage level isn’t critical.

7. Keeping It In A Cool Ventilated Place

Just as we need ventilation in our daily lives and so does our mobile phones need it, anytime we notice a change in temperature whenever our phone gets hot, we can bring it out from its hiding place and expose it to cool environment, and this really works.

8. Preventing Water Damage

Sometimes one get addicted to mobiles phones and there’s no place they can’t operate it, in the kitchen they’re always with phones and sometimes during laundry, tho I’m not dictating that this attitude is bad cus I also indulge in such acts, but when we don’t dry the water in our hands properly, they gently find thier way into the battery space, also rainfall is very essential to damaging batteries so always make sure to keep your phones off anything liquid related.

9. Restarting Device For Some Mins

Just like we humans, we all rest when we are tired and sometimes do some refreshments, this applies to our mobile phones, tho they are machines and they do things we humans can’t do but that doesn’t mean we should overuse them so restating your android device is not too much and this is very essential to preventing overheating.

10. Keeping Software Updated

Tho this is not considered as one of the major source of overheating android device but when we update our device, we have less chance of experiencing overheating, it’s a good thing to use an updated Os version.

11. Clean Junk Files Consistently

Sometimes too much junks causes the reason why our android device overheats, so it’s advisible to use cleaners to clear junks here’s 3 Good Apps You Can Use To Clear Junks

That’s all on how to fix overheating issues on your android device, this tips are very essential and if you try them out you’ll realise how helpful they can be, Feel free to comment and also share this post to help others out.


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