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May 19
08:04 2017

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All praises and adorations are due to Allah,the Lord of all that exist. Praise be to Him Who is well acquainted with what we do and shall show us our deeds on the day in which money and children will not avert anything from anyone except those who meet Him with sincere soul.

Naam, let me start by emphasising with the linguistic meaning of the word (DAYN)Debt. The Arabic meaning has to do with submission and humiliation.

There are two categories of dept in Islam namely:
1.Daynul Allah (debt own to Allah) This form of debt include Zakaah,Saum e.t.c.The evidence for this is in the narration reported by Imam Muslim in his sahih.On the authority of Aa’isha (RA)who said the Prophet said whoever dies and has fast to make up for,his/her wali(Relatives,inheritors,guardians) Must fast for him/her (Muslim 146)
this shows that this type of debt must be repaid back even if the person(debtor) is no more because the debt is for Allah and no one can forgive this except HIM unless if the debtor’s relations don’t know about it.
2.Daynul ibaad(debt own to human being) it could be inform of property or money (anything ownable). This must be fulfilled before malaku-l-maotu come to anyone and if not then the people after the deceased must fulfilled it from the deceased leftover properties that’s meant to be inherit before the distribution of those properties.
Sincerely,debt in Islam is so serious that it could delay someone from entering paradise if not paid before someone’s death. Our evidence for this ;
Allah’s Prophet said “whoever dies free from three things :arrogance, cheating and debt will enter paradise (Tirmidhi,1572;classed as sahih by al-albaani in sahih al Tirmidhi)

Umar bin al-khattab (ra)said” beware of debt,for it starts with worry and it ends with war”(narrated by Maalik in al-Muwatt’a 21770).
Some people even go into extinct of charming their creditor so as to forget that he/she owns them something,this is of no basic in Islam. Instead its an act of committing sin upon sins and even if the creditor should forget in this life definitely you shall pay it back on the day of judgement be it with your good deeds or approximately addition of more into your bad deeds from the creditors bad deeds. Please, let try and posses the intention of paying back our debt and Allah will make it easy for us. *Now what is our way out?*
There are numerous supplication which have been recorded from the Sunnah for settling debts…

Aboo sa’eed al-khudri (ra)narrated that the messenger of Allah(pbuh)entered a Masjid and saw an ansaari man whose name was Abu Umaamah.He then said “Why are you sitting in the Masjid when it’s not the time for prayer) he replied; worries and debt,O Messenger of Allah!. He(pbuh)then said, Should I teach you some words which if you say them,Allah will take your worries and pay off your debt?He replied yes;O messenger of Allah. He said say in the morning and evening


O Allah, I seek refuge with you from incapability and laziness and I seek refuge with you from cowardice and miserliness,I seek refuge with you from being heavily in debt and from being overcome by men

He(Abu Umaamah)said I did that and Allah took away my worries and paid off my debt(Abu dawood 1555) based on this hadeeth we are able to deduce that Abu Umaamah was willing to pay off his debt so Allah make it easy for him.

May Allah in his infinite mercy remove our worries and settle our debts. Aamiyn. May Allah make this a beneficial one for us. Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu

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