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How Much RAM Do You Really Need In Android Smart Device? – Find Out Here

Posted by on May 30th, 2017 Under Technology

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RAM is a vital factor that chooses how fast your smart device can be. While owning low RAM will always slow down your mobile phone, having much more than needed RAM doesn’t always lead to more performance; and this is the reason why it is really crucial for you to know the amount of RAM should be on your new smart device.

If you have no idea what RAM is, permit me to simplify that for you, RAM (Random Access Memory) is a physical chip on your device that holds all your running applications. With more RAM (also known as memory), you will have the capacity to run more apps at the same time on your device and switching around open apps will be much faster and it will lead to less reloading.


Most modern smart devices have 1GB to 4GB of RAM. In most situations, a more costly phone will come with more RAM provided that it is not an old model. Therefore, to clarify your selection here is a simple overview of how much RAM do you really need for your mobile phone.

512 MB

Tecno Y2

You should not be opting for a mobile phone with 512 MB of RAM. These devices are usually really old branded mobile phone or too low-priced Chinese phones. A Mobile phone with RAM this small will not handle advanced apps as well as games. A Device with just 512 MB of RAM is also very likely to come with an older edition of Android.

Who is 512 MB RAM suitable for? Nobody.


Infinix Surf Bravo X503

An Android device or an iPhone with 1GB RAM should be sufficient to run most applications. Although iPhones are optimized to operate well with only 1GB of RAM, Android usually needs more memory to perform multitasking smoothly.

A smartphone with 1 GB RAM should have the capacity to run a number of apps (more, when it comes to lightweight apps) at the same time. But, if you are a mobile gamer, you should be considering smartphones with more RAM. A number of games in play store do work, however, you will be disappointed with functionality if you install latest, heavier games.

The same could be said regarding web browsing, 1 GB RAM should be sufficient for you to use a couple of tabs on Google Chrome for Android, but, as a number of tabs increases, you may notice that smartphone reloads the tabs any time you switch from one to another.

1 GB RAM is FINE for a low-cost secondary smartphone, but you should really stay away from it if you are planning to use the device for your daily driver.

Who is 1GB RAM Suitable for? People searching for a secondary smartphone, people with a really tight budget plan.

2 GB

Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

You can consider an Android device with 2GB RAM to be a good budget phone. A smartphone with 2GB of RAM is sufficient to handle a few open applications, handle most games on play store as well as run most recent releases of Android.

Yet, it may deteriorate if you are launching too much open applications at same time. As you install loads of apps and also games and open a few of them, the performance will reduce. If you have a tight budget and won’t mind buying a smartphone in every couple of years, 2GB should be FINE for you, but, don’t think an Android smartphone with 2GB RAM to be a performance machine.

Who is 2 GB RAM suitable for? People with a low budget, users that don’t have to do way too much multitasking on their mobile.

3 GB

Infinix Zero 3 X552

By having 3GB, we are now discussing functionality without breaking the bank, a smartphone with 3GB RAM is sufficient to keep many apps open and also multitask anytime you are playing a game. With a Device using this amount of RAM, you will be seeing much less app refreshing whenever you switch between them. In addition, this volume of RAM will be more than enough to not need upgrading due to low RAM for a few more years in foreseeable future.

You can see many budget Android devices out there that come installed with 3GB of RAM.

Who is 3GB RAM suitable for? For most medium to heavy users, people who intend to multitask without buying expensive flagship smartphones.

4 GB

Gionee M6

4 GB Android smartphones are usually flagships, for example, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as well as LG G5. Smartphones using this much RAM are definitely costly, but these offer the most reliable performance. Normally, people purchase an expensive smartphone due to Camera along with other features, not only due to RAM. 4GB of RAM will keep you guarded in operating any amount of apps on your smartphone, massive and demanding Games as well as many open browser tabs.

A device with 4GB RAM may be overkill in the case that you don’t really make use of many apps as well as other flagship features of the mobile phone.

Who is 4 GB RAM Suitable for? People with really high multitasking demands and no restriction on a spending plan.

Over 4 GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy C9 Pro

Just when 4 GB came to be a standard for flagship smartphones, some manufacturers have introduced Android smartphones with 6 GB RAM.

You most likely don’t need to have this amount of RAM, If the phone manufacturer is not charging you a price premium for the device, it won’t be the worst idea on earth to choose an Android Device having this amount of memory.

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Posted by on May 30, 2017.

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