Latest News On Ponzi Schemes

Latest News On Ponzi Schemes

Any Latest News On Claritta Today 25th Of Febuary 2017

Please is there Any Latest News On Claritta Today 25th Of Febuary 2017 am all ears....

See The Secret Of Getting Paid Faster In Naracle

Do You Want To Register On Naracle And You Are Scared Because You Cant Refer People And You Don't Want To Waste Time Waiting...

Top 3 ponzi scheme you can join with less than 3k

1. Naracle: although I haven't join it yet ,I have heard so many testimonies about it that it's paying. you can join it with...

New Ponzi Site, Fortune Nigeria Taking over MMM As Participants Shares Testimonies

Its no more News that many Nigerians have lost hope on MMM being that the system has refused to payout for some time now. Meanwhile...

FundReceivers Crashed Or Shut Down – See Here

It seems that the newly launched ponzi site Fundreceivers has crashed. This is the message that is now showing up when visit the website. See Below.. Apologies...

P2poffice!!! All you need to know about it

P2POFFICE is a peer-to-peer donation and mutual aid platform aimed at helping it's members attain financial freedom. Get 300% of donations in 7days. Eg...

Nararcle paying fast

This is proof of payment below( for those who think it is scam) It has been paying member since last year(For those who think...

Twinkas Premium 20K Package Is Hotooooooo And Pays Fast

Twinkas 20k package rocks and it pays fastooooooo. If you want to register sign up for 20k package because the number of the participants...

HOT! FortuneNigeria, Latest Paying Ponzi Site Paying Fast

It is paying matching within 24hrs. Not a hit and run site It is slow and steady. trust me you won't regret it. check it out. 5k to get...

Latest and paying ponzi scheme in nigeria?

It is no news that there more than 50 ponzi schemes in nigeria. Please I will like to know if there is any latest... Is The Best! Just Received 200% Of My Money Today

pyramidpay is the best! just received 200% of my money today, can’t believe my eyes. You can check it out and thank me later....

HOT! Newly Launched – Arab Monies [] just launched by 6pm pay 10k to get 30...I am going to get mine now

Good News!! Is Back & Rocking Hot

Goodnews to those who their money is hanging there, is back and paying....thats all i have to say!!

Did Twinkas Pay Anybody Today 24 February

Hello Ngyabbites, Please i want to know if twinkas paid anybody today, 24  February

Please Which Of This Twinkas Package Pays Faster? 5k Or 20k

Am about investing on twinkas, tired of all these one hr hit and run sites... so which package pays faster?

EXPLAINED: All You Need To Know About Troislink – []

TROISLINK isn't a bank, TROISLINK doesn't collect your cash, TROISLINK isn't a web business, HYIP, investment or MLM program. TROISLINK is a community where...

New Site Dropping Soon 8 pm Tonight


what is wrong with troislink

over three weeks now am yet to recieve payment on troislink .overmerging and no longer pairing

Claritta Hs Finally Crashed

Ngyabbites here who joined claritta, are you guys seeing what am seeing. Claritta has finally crashed. The website is currently not opening. Hmmm, Just Like... Please rectify the problem as soon as possible

why is that I can't login to my caritta account today? is there a problem? pls rectify it as soon as possible, this is...

See Fortune Nigeria Ponzi Scheme Testimonies

By: Ezeokoli Chidiebere It's really a nice platform. Thank you fortunenigeriaBy: Oluchukwu Ngozi Ibegbu I am Oluchi, a participant with Fortunenigeria, I acquired a silver fortune...

11 Important Things You Need To Know Before Joining Fortune Nigeria Ponzi Scheme

1. After joining, the first thing is to fill in your bank details correctly in the profile section. 2. You then make a request to...

EXPLAINED: All You Need To Know About Fortune Nigeria Ponzi Scheme – [FORTUNENIGERIA.COM]

Fortune Nigeria is a peer to peer wealth distribution system designed to help the average Nigerian make extra income. You get 200% (principal inclusive)... I Cant login Today 24th Febuary 2017

Please i can't  login Today 24th Febuary 2017 on what is the problem guys.....

Is 247helpers crashing?


Who Have Received Payment From Claritta Today 24th Febuary 2017 Lets Meet Here

Please NGYABITES here Who Have Received Payment From Claritta Today 24th Febuary 2017 Lets Meet Here and share our experience... Thanks

Twinkas Payment Is Now Fast

Hello Nigerians Have You Heard Of Twinkas Is The Best, Fastest And Most Reliable Paying Online Investment Platform In Nigeria. You Get 200%...

Have You Heard About PEERFUNDING.ORG Is It Paying?

Heard they are  Paying 30% Every 2hours.. Better Than Donation Hub And Flashdonate... See Proof Below A list is out every hour and if you...

Did Twinkas Paid You Today Let Us Know Here

Who have received twinkas payment this morning please let us know here... thanks

Have Any Body Receive Payment From Foster Funds Today 24th Of Febuary Lets Meet...

Fosterfunds I did over 3 hours ago and havent been matched since then till now...

Ponzi Scheme Just Launched Yesterday Night, Unlimited Fold Check It Out Here

By 11:00pm Today, The Best helpers network would be Unveiled IT CAN'T BE STOPPED COS ITS HOTTER ITS THE BEST SERVER. TO BE OUT IN A MATTER OF HOURS. REGISTER Unlimited...

You Won’t Forgive Yourself If You Miss This! Discover what ₦1,500 Will Earn You...

They ask me how I was able to recruit 90+ people into Naija-ATM within 5 days... Well, That's what I love doing.... What stopped most of...

Riteshare ponzi scheme

I just discovered that Riteshare ponzi scheme is scam they are not paying people they keep giving the same account number to people to...

Join Now, It’s Hot!! Peerfunding –

A list is out every hour and if you donate, you get published every hour. 30% every hour... Forget about MMM, Donation Hub and Flash donate To...

EXPLAINED: All You Need To Know About Fund Receivers Ponzi Scheme – [FUNDRECEIVERS.COM]

Fundreceivers is the latest peer to peer donation platform where members invest their money and get back 200% Return On Investment within a period...

Newly Launched Ponzi Schemes Today

So Ngyabbites Here are list of Newly Launched Ponzi Schemes Today...

ponzi group

ponzi group chat

New Twinkas Rules/Conditions For The Veteran Package Registration

For an account to be successfully registered for the Veteran package, the following conditions are applied; (a) Must have an activated account on Professional package (b)...

New Twinkas Rules/Conditions For The Ultimate Package Registeration

For an account to be successfully registered for the Ultimate package, the following conditions are applied; (a) Must have an activated account on Classic package (b)...

Have not been matched to receive money on claritta

pls help,  I Have not been matched to receive money on claritta


Any Other Ponzi Site Paying Fast Than

If you have not heard about the fastest and reliable donation platform in town that pays faster- 24 hours, then you are missing alot. I'm...


New Video: Ajaga By Skales ft. Davido X Timaya

Afro-pop sensation Skales has released the highly anticipated video to his smash hit ‘Ajaga’ featuring DMW boss Davido and Egberi Papa 1 Timaya today;...


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