Ghana National Lottery Results Today 13/10/2018

Saturday Ghana National Lottery  Results 2sure Today is another Ghana Lotto 2 sure, Fans are already popping up and down for results hope you will win.


Lets hope that today’s prediction and results will blow hot so let’s begin now.

Saturday is the day of draw.It was introduced in December, 1962 and has since been running for over 50 years.

Disclaimer: Our free lottery winning numbers prediction service is provided as is, we don’t provide any guarantees or warranty or the uniqueness of numbers predicted


Predictions And Results

Prediction #1: ((22))-((11))-33-15-78

Prediction #2: 74-((35))-((38))-80-16

Prediction #3: 89-((53))-((77))-73-2

Machine #1: 66-12-((71))-((31))-30

Machine #2: ((14))-((62))-32-57-28

Machine #3: ((29))-((76))-37-83-90


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