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Top 5 Best Liar In Ghana Currently


Top 5 Best Liar In Ghana Currently

Want to know the top 5 Best Liar In Ghana Currently, i want to tell you this everyone is a victim of lies is either you have been tricked by someone telling you lies or you been victimizing someone with your freaky fondness of lies. one thing is certain about lies, lies has been since the creation of the universe.

Some of the things we heard and believed in recent times could be lies, hope you will not doubt this most especially in this part of the world called Africa lies has turn to be a way of life you can call it culture if you like.

Politicians and men in authorities have been able to use this weapon called lies to bound their citizens the ones they claim they are leading to and everlasting doom which has made them to remain in an poverty stricken system of economy, Lies they fake during campaign of how they had  intended or decided to enter into power to alleviate the stagnant system of their country and if you are not careful you will fall a complete fool or victim of all their antics to make their way into power.


Top 5 Best Liars In Ghana Currentlly

1 . Ghanaian Politicians

Politicians are the biggest liars of any profession, even worse than estate agents or car salesmen, according to an opinion poll today.

A survey of over 3,000 adults to find out the worst liars showed that politicians won by a landslide.

Almost half of those questioned in the UK by food firm Ginsters put politicians at the top of the list.

The recent surge of mistrust felt by the electorate should be of some concern to the candidates. promise and fail mantra is their new strategy to remain in power.

2. Estate Agents

Real estate agents often misrepresent their experience and credentials on their websites and/or blogs. Some spend inordinate amounts of time posting online to obtain maximum search engine exposure. Others pay for commercial rights and buy ads to rank above search results in Google and Yahoo. Agents expend this effort and expense to get you to click on their site.

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You may wonder, and rightly so, if you can trust the agent’s website. Just because it’s on the Internet doesn’t make it true. I run across hokey real estate agent sites all the time in Ghana and also nationally. The bottom line is if your agent isn’t presenting a truthful picture of herself or himself online, what else is your agent likely to lie to you about?

With a little detective work, you can find out just about anything you need to know about a real estate agent’s honesty. You can assess whether agents are puffing or giving you a false picture of their abilities, strengths, and background, which will help you to determine whether you want to hire any of those agents.


3. Car Salesmen

Do you know that Car Salesmen can lie too?

A bait-and-switch scam is one of the most commons ways salesmen lure customers into the dealership. If you get to the lot and the car you called about has magically “been sold” or is “no longer available,” you are probably about to get screwed. Don’t do business with bait and switchers. It will always lead to heartache.

Make sure not to get lured by attractive, puffed-up numbers for your trade. Salesman can NEVER give accurate trade-in assessments without seeing the car in person. They will tell you anything to get you in to the dealership. Our advice is to structure the deals separately. First, negotiate a price for the new car, then, in person, negotiate a price for your trade.

Make sure not to get lured by attractive, puffed-up numbers for your trade. Salesman can NEVER give accurate trade-in assessments without seeing the car in person. They will tell you anything to get you in to the dealership. Our advice is to structure the deals separately. First, negotiate a price for the new car, then, in person, negotiate a price for your trade.

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4. Lawyers

Lots of people just don’t like lawyers. It’s a common trope. See yesterday’s post about a lawyer asking a teacher what he makes. Lawyers have become the punching bag for much of society. The butt of jokes, the target of scorn. Why is it that people dislike lawyers so much? Has it been the race to the bottom in lawyer advertising? Manipulative conduct in court? Taking advantage of “the little guy?” Personally, I think it comes down to one thing.

It really is not that lawyers lie and more that it is a profession of precise language. Most people hear what they want to in conversations in daily life, Lawyers never really say X is going to happen, they add qualifiers or say things like “what we are looking to happen is”. The issue is most people just “hear” the part about X and take it that is what will happen.

There are lawyers who will take advantage of people who don’t understand the legal speak or wording. They are not so much as lying (as what they say and provide is true) but they are counting on people not reading all the details or not truly understanding them.

In the end it is not the lawyer telling lies, it is the fact that they speak a different language than most people and to really know what they are saying you need to either speak that language or have your own lawyer to translate for you.

5. Journalists

Humans do things like that all the time. But it’s different when it comes to reporting the news. I don’t lie then. Nor do most of the reporters I worked with. Has it ever happened sure. But so seldom that I can – after decades at newspapers – just remember two times when I saw a reporter deliberately lie.

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And those lies got caught before they appeared in print. In fact, it’s a great example of how traditional media – the big networks, the big newspapers and other professional organizations – do a better job of protecting readers from a reporter who tried to lie than small online news outlets.

Unlike with online blogs or other one man efforts to report or comment on the news, there’s an entire group of people – editors – who serve as gate keepers. Before a news report is published they read what the reporter wrote and look for mistakes (and they’d likely catch a lie too). There are usually no gate keepers like that when it comes to amateur or semi-amateur blogs.

So why do people – like you – think reporters lie. Let’s look at the possible reasons.

1. If you read something that conflicts with what you believe, the first reaction often is to think what you read is wrong and you are right. Since you continue to think you are right then what you read must be a lie, a mistake, or some deliberate attempt to deceive. Humans – most of us really – tend to be stubborn in believing something. And when that belief is challenged we may decide that it’s a lie rather than questioning our own beliefs.

2. Newspapers do make honest mistakes. After all, they are run by humans and humans make mistakes. So it would be easy to call that mistake a lie, even though it is not.

There’s really no motivation for a legitimate news organization to lie. Life is interesting enough, dramatic enough, without the need to make stuff up.

I write all this realizing that you probably will continue to believe that reporters routinely lie. But could be that you are smart enough and honest enough to examine what you think, and why you think it, and at least consider the possibility that you are wrong.



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