Illegal Immigrants Dead Body Discovered In Wadi Al-Talee Street Saudi Arabia Body Riddled With Bullets (Pictures)

An Illegal Immigrants whose identity was not revealed was killed   In Wadi Al-Talee Street Saudi Arabia and his Body was full of Bullets.


The dead body of the  immigrant was  found tied to a bed in the middle of a road in Saudi Arabia, reportedly riddled with bullets.

The man’s body was found on Wadi Al-Talee Street in the city of Abha in Aseer Province near the Red Sea in south-western Saudi Arabia. According to a police statement, the man was an illegal migrant and had been shot with a machine gun.


The victim has not been identified, but he was reportedly in his thirties. The man had been tied to a bed and covered with a blanket.

The bed had been dumped in the middle of the road, seven miles outside the city centre. Local authorities have confirmed that they have launched an investigation to discover the victim’s identity and suspected shooters.


In the video footage filmed at night, a metal bed is seen across both lanes of the road As the cameraman approaches, the body is seen wrapped in blankets.

Police said that they do not know if the man was killed on the bed or if he was placed there after already being shot. Saudi Arabian authorities are still investigating the bizarre death of the reported illegal immigrant.

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