2019 Vice Presidential Slot – South East or South West: List Of Figures From 2015 Election

2019 Elections –  Who Where The VP Positions in 2015 Presidential Elections, I have attached figures from the 2015 elections so we may all compare how SE and SS coalition and that of SW will affect Atiku chances. I’m sure not too much has changed since then.


Please take note of Registered and Accredited voters across each state, more especially that of Lagos State.

My verdict

The south easterners both in the SouthEast and SouthWest would rather sit at home on election day instead of going out to perform their civic duty because they feel marginalized . On the contrary, once they feel a sense of belonging especially when the slot of the Vice president is alloted them, they will turn out amass and support their own. They are very united in this area. Bribe them, they will collect but still vote their own.


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