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Maurizio Zanfanti Biography, Profile, Wiki, Age, How He Died, Sex Life

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Maurizio Zanfanti Biography, Profile, Wiki, Age, How He Died, Sex Life

Maurizio Zanfanti Biography, Profile, Wiki, Age, How He Died, Sex Life

Who is Maurizio Zanfanti? Born in Rimini in 1955, Maurizio Zanfanti, known as Zanza is is a playboy known for his female conquests on the Riviera Romagnola. He died on September 26, 2018 at the age of 63 after a prolonged illness in Rimini. The 63-year-old nightclub manager known as “Zanza” was reputed to have slept with 200 female tourists every summer.

Maurizio Zanfanti Biography – How He Began His Career

The notoriety of Maurizio Zanfanti called “Zanza” diminutive of “zanzara” (mosquito) began his career in the 1970s, when the Italian Riviera was teeming with foreign and local beauties, at the age of 17 as a buttadentro (racoleur) d ‘a well-known nightclub in Rimini, the’ Blow Up ‘. With their dark complexion, long flowing locks and fashionable hairstyle, he had little trouble weaving ties and from that moment on, it was a crescendo of seductive and fun nights in Romagna. Over the years, he became so famous that he ended up in the pages of the German daily Bild, which described the “Romeo of Rimini” and his indefatigable conqueror qualities.

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His conquests for a moment called him the “mosquito” because as soon as the affair was done, he disappeared in search of a new act. He is considered to be the most famous seducer of the Adriatic, boasting that he has satisfied more than 6,000 women, preferably German Fräuleins1 and Northern Europe2. In 1986, the newspaper L’Espresso considers it as “the most famous lover of Italy” 3.

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In his latest interview with the German newspaper Bild in 2014, he announces his retirement declaring: “At 59, I am too old for that. And in 2016, he says: “I think I have done more tourist promotion for Rimini than a hundred agencies”. During the winter months he worked for tourism agencies in Scandinavia and it was so well known that a wax statue was erected in a Swedish city4.

How Maurizio Zanfanti Died

Zanza was in a car with a 23-year-old Romanian girl when he felt bad5. Once there, the rescuers could do nothing: the “King of Vitelloni” of Romagna was already dead.

According to the reenactments, her heart would have stopped during (or immediately after) sex via Pradella in Rimini. It was the Romanian girl who called for help who could only see the death caused by an infarction. “The perfect conclusion of the existence of a living legend that, from the 1970s, conquered countless foreign women, making the disco” Blow Up “6 its base.

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The parish priest refused to make the parish church available for the funeral, they are celebrated in the cemetery of Rimini

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