See Beautiful Pictures Of A Northern Bride In Fulani Outfits

Northern ladies are the goddesses of Nigeria. So real and natural like a water fall, so beautiful like a dove, no faking it, no bleaching of the skin, 90% of them don’t put on fake hair attachment.


They are so caring and loving(I’m talking from experience)

They are the Indians of Nigeria, The only problem i have with them is not Even their religion, because religion is just a name which should not affect Love.

my problem with them are their men, 80% of their guys have the tendency of stabbing you with a dagger once they see you with their ladies, just like in India.

I don’t know why GOD had to put such loving female creatures amongst vile and barbaric men.. Life is so so unfair. just take a look at our president and his wife and daughters.

Full Pictures Below..


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