Watch Video: A raccoon climbs nine stories up the side of a building, then hits the ground!

A man on vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey captured incredible video of a raccoon scaling the side of a building and climbing several stories.


Micha Rea, a South Carolina resident, was walking the boardwalk with friends when he says they spotted the raccoon roughly nine stories up on the side of a building.

Rea broke out his camera and started recording. He films the raccoon holding onto the wall of an apartment complex, before showing the group of people who had gathered, including animal control.

By the time the camera turns back to the raccoon, the critter has decided it’s time to get off the wall. The raccoon appears to leap off the wall, spinning as it falls to the ground.

The impact is hard to watch, but the raccoon pops right up and runs off.

In the video, you can see someone on a balcony attempting to catch it, but unfortunately misses.


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