Meet Mr Gareth Prince, the man whose case led to marijuana’s decriminalisation in South African

Mr Gareth Prince is a Rastafarian. He is also the lawyer who led a campaign for lifting the ban over the use of cannabis for religious use, which has led to today’s decision by the Constitutional Court of South Africa to decriminalise its private consumption and cultivation.


Gareth Prince, 42, his wife Juanita Adams, 40, and daughter Samantha Adams, 19, were arrested at their Glen Cairn home in 2012.

His pro bono lawyer, Naven Pillay, told the court Prince used the substance on a “strictly religious basis”.

In 2002, the Cape Law Society refused to admit Prince as an attorney because he had two criminal convictions for possession of dagga.

At the time, Prince said he would not stop smoking what is regarded by Rastafarians as a “holy herb”.

He later lodged an application with the Constitutional Court for the substance to be legalised.

But this was rejected.


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