Did Nicki Minaj Said That Cardi B Will Die?

Wearing a flashy black dress and an extra AF leopard print coat, the Chun Li star paid no mind to her earlier comments on Queen Radio about her scuffle with Cardi B. Leaving a glittering soiree on Monday evening, the rapper bossed her exit as she walked out with her blonde bob and sunglasses to shield her eyes as they no doubt flashed a glimmer of sass – as they’re often wont to do.


Speaking on her Beats 1 Radio show, she addressed the ‘humilating’ incident, which took place in front of the ‘upper echelon’. ‘Let me just say this, the other night I as a part of something so mortifying and humiliating to go through in front of upper eschelon – it’s not about white or black, it’s upper eschelon, people who have their lives together,’ she said on her radio show Queen Radio. ‘The way they passed my at this disgusting commotion I will never forget.’

Suggesting that Cardi has ‘built her career out of sympathy and payola [the illegal trade of paying money to commercial radio stations in return for airtime]’, she added: ‘I was in an Alexander Vauthier gown, off the motherfucking runway, and I could not believe how humiliated it felt, because of how we made ourselves look’.

She then added in a brutal warning: ‘You put your hands on certain people you gon’ die. Period. And y’all sitting here making this shit a joke? I’m not the bitches in the strip club and I’m not a bitch on a reality show. My money is very fucking long.’


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