Please Help! I Had Sex With My Girlfriend On Her Menstrual Period And Now Unknown Person Chases Me With Knife In My Dreams” – Nigerian Guys Cries out

Guys most be very careful these days because not that others do you choose to do like wise without knowing you are jeopardizing your own life. A guy is seriously having terrible nightmares after sleeping with his girlfriend on her menstrual period.


What do you thinks Ngyabites could have possibly caused this his serious nightmare.


According to him he said “I met a girl 5 days ago, I asked her out the next day to be my gf after inviting her over for a date, she eventually agreed! I was happy, she is a beautiful chocolate skinned girl one can kill for!

So day before yesterday I invited her over to my place, she came, we got talking and then we got into a really hot romance section and we were both turned on, so I took off her clothes and all that, then I discovered she was wearing a pad and I asked her about it and she said she was seeing her period!

I said no problem let us stil do it like that o (i said to my self “this one I don manage fit one bang this babe so if I leave her go now as the thing they her body she fit come make yanga next time o” ) so I pressured her and she finally accepted so we had sex that day and she left.

Guys since then I have been having endless nightmares anytime I close my eyes! I have exactly the same dream, which is being stabbed repeatedly endless of times by unknown person in the dream!

Now I had this same nightmare this night again and this is the reason I am awake right now!

Please My people here what could be the cause of this torment in my dream and what is the solution to this? please help a brother here the dreams are so real and scarry It almost feels like I am going insane right now”.



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