Day 4: JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers 13th March 2018

Day 4: JAMB 2018 UTME Questions & Answers 13TH March 2018
This are questions from the ongoing JAMB 2018 UTME examination 13th March (Day 4).. We will keep updating this page with more questions once all today’s exam is over.



The character of Iago in the play Othelo is…
(a) honesty
(b) bias
(c) ugliness
(d) magic
Mary dalton’s death in the book Native son is…
(a) accidental
(b) murder
The bed of the king in the poem the proud king is mad of…
(a) silver
(b) gold
(c) plastic
(d) iron


The government based on religion is….

(a) theocrasy

(b) democrasy

(c) oligarchy

(d) aristocrasy


More Coming….


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