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Download The Arrangement (TVseries) Episode 1, Season 2


Download The Arrangement (TVseries) Episode 1, Season 2

Many Hollywood stars and starlets seem to have perfect lives, with loving partners on their arms as the A-listers walk down the red carpet.

But there is often a darker side of celebrity, which is explored in this drama series. Actress Megan Morrison lands a Cinderella-esque date with movie star Kyle West while auditioning for her dream role. As the relationship progresses, she realizes it comes with a $10 million marriage contract and membership into Kyle’s secretive self-help organization, The Institute of the Higher Mind, which has a retreatlike campus in Malibu.

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Kyle credits the institute — and its creator, Terence, a close confidante — with his success. Megan, though, has a mysterious past she is trying to keep hidden and has to decide how far she is willing to go to help launch her career.

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Storyline: TV actress Megan Morrison is offered a $10 million marriage contract with Hollywood’s biggest star. 

First episode date: 5 March 2017
Network: E!
Genre: Drama
Program creator: Jonathan Abrahams

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Stars: Josh Henderson, Christine Evangelista, Lexa Doig

Video Source: O2tvseries

DOWNLOAD MP4: The Arrangement, Episode 1-Season2

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