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Is Libya In Africa? Things You Need To Know

1. Libya is an African country, with Arabized Africans, who are probably mixed to some extent. We cannot forget that there are native tauregs in libya, baghara, and bedouins which tend to favor the “black africans” you speak of. Even many berbers, have strong black features and look mulatto.

Many libyans appear to be black or mixed with black, but based on skin color they consider themselves different. Even Ghaddafi has black features, saif in some pictures appears to actually be a black man.

2. The UN asked for the Arab League because they knew the Arab league would approve. They never considered the African Union to be credible because Ghaddafi founded it. Also, the African nations on the council did not force the UNSC to include them in the resolution. This is a failure on the part of that organization.

3. Most North African countries were under the rule of the Ottoman Empire which was Islamic. Muslims tend to kill anyone who is not muslim, so that’s why many people moved south after they invaded.

4. If black libyans were killed, what makes you think no egyptians, tunisians, etc died? Nubians and Chadians who both are considered “arabs” were being killed right along with everyone other black person. Did you know that the scenes in “Inception” where they were supposed to be in Mombassa, Kenya were all filmed in Morrocco? Did you see all those black people?

5. The Arab/Western media reported it as the Arab spring. What you did not know was that at the same time, Uganda, Djibouti, Guinea, and I believe Burkina Faso or Burundi rose up. Anyway, it didnt fit the narrative with what the West wanted to do so it didnt receive coverage.

6. That is partially true. He has always defended Africa though, even when he was “pan-arab”, I prefer to use the term “pan-islamist” because it makes more sense of the way he was spending his money on all those terrorists or revolutionaries around Africa.

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