If Restructuring Fails.. Nigeria Will Cease To Exit – Ezeife

If Restructuring Fails.. Nigeria Will Cease To Exit – Ezeife
August 04
19:25 2017

A former Governor of Anambra State, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife, Friday, warned that Nigeria will cease to exit if the government fails to restructure the country.

He said the northern region stands to feel the pain if the nation eventually breaks apart.

He made this remark in Benin City at the 20th Professor Wole Soyinka annual lecture series organized by the National Association of Seadogs on Friday.

Ezeife noted that only restructuring would free Nigeria from the plot by the British government to keep the country underdeveloped.

He urged Acting President Yemi Osinbajo to convoke a conference that would discuss the country.

“Every honest Nigerian knows we are at the brink of extinction. Nigeria will cease to exist if we do not restructure. It is a joke for people to think we should not restructure.

“Northerners will loose most from the disintegration of Nigeria. We need to go back to the agreed Nigeria. Make the six zones federating units. Allow states in the zones to develop their own constitution.

“Osibanjo should make sure the issue of restructuring is complete by the middle of 2018. Make sure the zones control their security.”

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  1. Kennth Clinton
    Kennth Clinton August 04, 19:35

    Thank God you have now come to see what Kanu has been preaching since that the Northerners are not ready at any time to distinguish power and to restructure the economy of the country since they are gaining from the centralised system of governance.
    They, Northerners have also vowed not to allow restructuring since they, the Northerners wrote the Nigeria constitution and handed over to Obasanjo to work on it without any amendment to any of the parts and then forced it on the Southern, Western and Eastern regions to just comply with the constitution of 1999.
    Please tell your fellow Igbo to rise up and join Nnamdi to fight to secure our sub-region out of the scammed Nigeria now before it is further too late.
    Now is the time, tomorrow may be too late.

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    • Biafra4life
      Biafra4life October 14, 08:08

      Nnamdi Kanu preaching and talking amounst to little or nothing when he was more interested in self-promotion than getting the people out of their misery.

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