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I See Big Referendum Coming In Nigeria – Primate Ayodele


Founder and General of the INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Primate Babatunde Elijah Ayodele says he see a big referendum coming in Nigeria.

In an interview with the Sun Newspaper, Prophet Ayodele revealed that God showed that but he cannot see when it will happen.

In His Words..We still need to pray very well for Buhari to recover quickly. He may not be stable till the end of his term. I am also seeing a big referendum coming in Nigeria but I cannot see when or how it will come because God did not show me that.

Honestly, Buhari needs prayers. His family needs to pray very well for him. I am not saying the medical treatment he is receiving will not work, but it is not the lasting solution. It is only God that can sustain his life. Buhari must not die because if he dies it will affect a lot of things in the North.

But I see the national flag being flown at half mast but I don’t know where that is coming from. Oyegun’s seat is shaking. His position will be in crisis if Buhari fails to continue.

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  1. You do not see any vision my friend, all what you guys are doing is nothing but prediction. You said Nnamdi Kanu will die ,shame to all of u

    • Your I wonder ooo..how can he be say two opposing things at the same time…My God is not an author of confusion..

  2. Your comment..This man is just confused, why is it he sees only evil, last time he said that NNAMDI KANU is not the one to free Biafra now is Buhari and Oyegun. and non of his evil vision had ever come to pass……Nonsense


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