Security Agencies In Nigeria Should Arrest Psquare’s Peter Okoye For Insulting & Disrepecting The Federal Government – APC

Security Agencies In Nigeria Should Arrest Psquare’s Peter Okoye For Insulting & Disrepecting The Federal Government – APC
July 17
21:17 2017

The All Progressives Congress(APC) youth renaissance group has urged the security agencies in Nigeria to arrest Peter Okoye of P-square for insulting the Federal government.

In a statement signed by the group’s national secretary, Mr Collins Edwin and made available to PoliticsNGR, the APC described Okoye as a ‘son of darkness’.

The statement read in full;

We read the scurrilous remarks credited to Mr Peter Okoye of the Psquare group against the Federal Government’s job-saving policy in the entertainment industry with great anger and vexation.

Least of all persons to make scathing remark against the government is the Psquare group which the local content policy of the Federal Government dusted-up from the valley of obscurity.

Where was Peter Okoye or Psquare brand in 1999 when foreign music dominated our airwaves? If not for the government policy which mandated all broadcast stations in Nigeria to pay attention to Nigerian music by playing 95 percent of Nigerian songs every day, would Peter Okoye or Psquare be known to anybody in Nigeria today? Or would they have competed with better American music which dominated our airwaves then?

After the government have used its policy to brush them up from nothing to something; instead of giving opportunity to other people, they are taking Nigerian jobs to foreign countries through the shooting of music videos abroad.

Now that government have intervened to raise great and better entertainers again, Peter Okoye has the gut to insult the entire Federal Government by calling our great leaders ‘Ndi Ala’ which means mad and stupid people. How dare you say that Psquare?

We, therefore, urge the security agencies in the country to arrest Mr Peter Okoye for disrespecting our government and bringing it to a disrepute. If you cannot produce in Nigeria and hire Nigerians, then leave the industry.We must export Nigerian culture to the outside world through our music and videos

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 17, 22:43

    APC party Connard

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  2. Benabus
    Benabus July 18, 06:37

    They should arrest buhari,tinubu for keeping Nigeria for hardship,killings of innocent souls by Fulani,and not our P-S because we value him more APC gorvernment.APC gorvernment never gives nigeria joy for the passed years they took power but P-S always make nigeria fans happy everyday and they never fail to make fans believed in their dreams will come through one day.our P-S will cover you will blood of Jesus.Amen

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  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 18, 06:59

    That means buhari should also be arrested for using a foreign hospital instead of a local one ndi ara.

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  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous July 18, 08:50

    Who are does fools that always give the Fed govnt instructions for whom be arrest or some fools will come to the media to give instruction to arrest fayoshe tomorrow arrest fani kayode and today arrest Peter okoye.i can see some animals are the ones controling the APC govt on what to do.

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  5. Chike
    Chike July 18, 11:51

    Igbo people na God go punish Una oh. No respect from you fucking asshole

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  6. Great
    Great July 19, 09:40

    You see the problem of Nigeria which is low mentality or IQ of Hausa/Fulani. A country where 3rd eleven are in the pitch, how can it work or progress as a country?. A country where people that do not know are forcing themselves to be ruling people that know. Somebody expresses his view and Hausa/Fulani are calling for his arrest because they use security agencies dominated by them to intimidate and harass people up and down. Anyway, their cup is full. I am happy Nnamdi Kanu has woken up consciousness of all Nigerian in that respect as a result their born to mentality expired.

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  7. Great
    Great July 19, 09:44

    Their born to rule mentality has has been conquered by the consciousness Nnamdi Kanu brought to Nigerians

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  8. Great Iyke
    Great Iyke July 19, 10:02

    Finally, you do not force people to respect you. When you acquire respect for yourself, people must accord it to you whether they like it or not. The person who posted that message that P Square should be arrested does not know that 95% of Nigerians hate Nigeria pathologically. 95% of Nigerian have no single reason to be patriotic to her. Other countries care for their citizens that is why their country’s issues are priority to them more than their own personal issues. Tell me what Nigeria does for her citizen if not only 5% rotating themselves in office since 1960 to be stealing our money and foolishly go to go abroad to invest it instead of in Nigeria and create jobs.

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  9. Lord Chon
    Lord Chon July 23, 08:35

    What do you espect from Blind leaders?

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  10. Shani
    Shani July 23, 17:21

    If you are not currupted FG will not touched you

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  11. Anonymous
    Anonymous October 16, 20:27

    Your comment..ode, Ndi Ala like peter okoye said.

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  12. Joe
    Joe October 19, 09:48

    Youths that do not know their left and right.

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