Meet Sephora Ikalaba, A Nigerian Girl Who Emerged Miss Helsinki 2017...

Meet Sephora Ikalaba, A Nigerian Girl Who Emerged Miss Helsinki 2017 (Photos)


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Young Nigerian Miss Helsinki 2017 – “She only won because she is black

Winner of the Finnish beauty contest Sephora Ikalaba, is in fact a young immigrant of 19 years, 165 cm in height. A victory that has not been well received. They have in fact triggered the controversy on the validity of the competition: many argue that the jury chose the girl as queen only to “meet the third-world dictatorship of the politically correct.”

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It is bad“, thundering into the net. “The ugliest Miss the last few years“, are to this effect the comments on the victory of the young Nigerian. The other finalists in the competition were all white. Criticisms more shown on Stormfront, online discussion forum that gives space to the white nationalist positions and anti-Semitism. To win, they said was “a guilt complex.”

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Here are some more sarcastic comments. To tell the truth Internet has not been kind to this lady…


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