Nnamdi Kanu Is A Terrorist – Kemi Olunloyo Spits Fire

Nnamdi Kanu Is A Terrorist – Kemi Olunloyo Spits Fire


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US trained journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has said the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, is not coming out of jail any time soon.

The Snitch Lady said this after an Abuja Federal High Court denied Kanu bail.

Recall that Kanu, alongside Chidiebere Onwudiwe, Benjamin Madubugwu and David Nwawuisi, were re-arraigned by the Federal Government on 11 count charge bordering on terrorism, treasonable felony and publication of defamatory matter.

Justice Nyako recently took over the trial of Kanu following the withdrawal of the former trial judge, Justice John Tsoho, over allegation of bias leveled against him by the defence team of the pro-Biafra agitator.
nnamdi kanu
However, the popular media personality whose public criticisms of people knows no bounds, took to her Facebook page to advise Biafra supporters.

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Madam KOO, as she is fondly called, wrote: “Biafra my LAST ADVICE to you in 2016 is to take it or swallow it with a grain of salt.

“This Christmas, the Nigerian military has launched #OperationPython.

“Try to agitate and they will SIMPLY KILL YOU. The Amnesty report doesn’t bother our government.

“Even your GEJ watched the army kill boys and men in #Borno state with no accountability.

“Stay at home and enjoy your families. #NnamdiKanu aint coming out soon.

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“The only two people that could have done that are the Igbo leaders who are not united and the #British government who support Aso Rock in labeling Kanu an alleged terrorist, which I believe, after calling for mass murder of Nigerians on his radio show.

“Na by force? #BiafraOrDeath killed his case.

“He brainwashed you, he paid for it! I warned you, you ignored me.

“He was offered freedom in exchange for ending agitation and he refused. One year old child in UK and wasting his family life,” she added.

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  1. Yoruba are back stabbers and can never be trusted look at Soyinka very disgraceful with his speech b4 trump victory. that is their way of life including Jb Joshua d false prophet.

  2. Madam koo,you called Nnamdi Kanu terrorist because,as you claimed that he called for mass murder of Nigerians. I want to ask you,have IPOB killed any Nigerian? Let me ask you again,why must Igbo people be part of Nigeria? You called yourself an international journalist,and you see the peaceful agitation as a terrorist act. The way you and your people Yoruba, love Nigeria,why can’t other Nigerians leave Igbo people alone? You are completely educated fool. You are indirectly telling Buhari to go on and kill the Igbo people. You will get your pay.

    • As long God remain God.My God must punish you woman.Since you call an innocent man which you no very well a terrorist.God will punish you for that.Buhari don,t even no you slaves to Hausa fulani

  3. We Biafrans are not the yorubas that betrayed MKO Abiola callected money and kill him in prison. If buhari likes let him detain Nnamdi Kanu till 2019 no problem but if anything happens to Nnamdi buhari will see war.


  5. We all know Yoruba’s they are all betrays but I asure you that you will live and see Biafra freedom, as you stand for evil u evildoers that shall not depart from your generation is a promis

  6. No one plays with fire without being burned, this is God’s case, save your face but I think you will not listen because you are fund of anointed people as you spoke against Adeboye last year.

  7. This freaked-out dirty old hooker, kemi olunloyo again?? The psychotic “pendulum”out on another cheap-attention-seeking spree?!! Can someome pls take this lunatic to a psychiatric, b4 she commits suicide some day bcos she’s so fussed up upstairs!!!

  8. A woman who want to be popular by taking rubbish aginst kanu, hungry journalist,who know you if not dis comments. The don give you brown envelope,just shot up,i dnt think u know d meaning of terrorist

    • Yoruba are back stabbers and can never be trusted look at Soyinka very disgraceful with his speech b4 trump victory. that is their way of life including Jb Joshua d false prophet.

  9. Biafra must come whether Nigerians like it or not! More plagues await Nigeria if Biafra is not let go! I can see hunger ravaging people coming 2017/18! Nigeria must be destroyed! It’s a pledge and a promise we are making to them!

  10. u are an idiot………
    Ohhhh God why do you allow
    folls to be famous…..Ewuu .
    Follow Buhari and die soon idiot.
    Nigeria zoo, biafra rising sun

  11. You said you are a journalist and you don’t even know the meaning of terrorist,you better go back to school.mumu old winch

  12. This educated illiterate have just exposed her level of ignorance.If you are journalist as you claim,my dear you wouldn’t be vomitting this trash

  13. Reason why it pains the yorubas about igbo struggle for biafra i don’t know.To me these people are even worst enemies of igbos than hausa.we helped them develop lagos just in the spirit of one nigeria all what they are saying is that they claim our properties even if we succeed in braking away from nigeria.My is that God who alone knows the hearth of igbos towards hausa and yoruba will put them to shame for our innocent agitation.

  14. As far as i am concerned this lady has never been on the news for positive seasons, i have also read stories associated with her and my conclusion is that she is mentaly unstable,’she is raised with stolen money and that is the repercusion of stealing public funds and using same to train your children.

  15. My beloved people of Biafra, please forget about this ugly old duckling, ugly bitch called Kemi. She is a loser. God will surely punish him for lying against an innocent man. Who doesn’t know about Yorubas in Nigeria? They are betrayals. But i want that old fool called Kemi to know. I want her to know that, no evil doer will go unpunished. For any evil done by nan to man will surely be redressed. If not now, then certainly later. If not by man, then certainly by the omnipotent God. For the victory of evil over good can only be temporary.

  16. The Yoruba’s is always standing on the fence looking upon better side to jump in but this time they are going to pay for their double standard, obafemi awolowo betrayed ojukwu,in 1967,Yoruba politician betrayed goodluck Jonathan in 2015,now they have started again, then this time they will see what they have done to them selves. I do respect Fani KAYODE,and Governor fayose of ekiti,God will bless them and their families.

  17. this so called international journalist,is indirectly asking buhari to give her a try,cos she also know that nyako has fail,obviously buhari will not employ her without payment,stupid household of pherohs,soonest you will all loose for our leader cos he is a God sent.

  18. touch not my anointed nd do my prophet no harm,all d innocent blood of biafrans shedded during d war, dat is what u people re suffering from yet u re stil killing biafrans unjustly,even as dat u re stil planning to kil nnamdi secretly,try nd see d brutality dat wil befall u lawless nigerians,God hardened d heart of Pharaoh in order to destroy, wait nd see ur destruction soon,bcos d wrath of God is upon u people, for many blood re crying unto of ur heads blind fools,asper u jezebel of a journalist,what happened to jezebel of old wil happen to u moron, sagged face,chemical has destroyed ur face, dat is how God wil destroy u soon, mumu,fulani herdsmen nd hausas has been killing people, what did u say? u re afraid to speak truth,it is an innocent man dat is seeking for his ancenstral inheritance nd freedom of his people dat u re condemning,infact u re doomed,u people caused it, bcos of d level of marginalisation nd killings among d igbos, dat is why biafra must come, if u say one nigeria, den why d partiality nd d killings, u want to secretly eliminate all d igbos nd possess our land, born liars, we hve known ur strategies nd we re all waiting for u, if u want peace,we have peace in quantum, but if u want war, dat one wil be catastrophe, bcos non of u wil escape dis time bcos we have foreign assistance who re waiting for war to be declared, so dat they finish off ur so called foolish nigeria,educated fools