Breaking News: FBI To Partner With Nigerian Government To Shut Down...

Breaking News: FBI To Partner With Nigerian Government To Shut Down MMM Come 14th Of December (SEE Photos)


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Amidst the warning from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) and the Nigerian Security and Exchange Commission against the ponzi scheme introduced to Nigeria by Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox (MMM), civil servants in Nigeria are dead ready to continue with the scheme and throw into the trash can, claims of the CBN that the scheme is fraudulent and financially risky. This is one of the schemes that have drawn the attention of Nigerians against all odds.

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FBI  have agreed to partner with Nigerian government to shot down MMM in Nigeria By December 14th so Nigerians should be getting ready for this big blow coming up. i know most Nigerians will die for this but it must go because Nigeria And global countries are completely against this program.

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  1. that is bcos d govt does not want Nigerian to b out of poverty if its a ponzi Biz .is it anybody’s Biz? God will punish every govt or individuals who HV hand in destroying mmm FBI should know that Nigerians do not need her help

    • Don’t mind them they can’t stop MMM in this country, govt n her partner FBI are mere entertainers to our MMM biz, let them there thinking of the inevitable bcos it our money not there, they have nothing to show to us that they are better than MMM or can advise Nigerians on the way to go, MMM is more of less a charity to Nigerians bcos of it positive effects on the common man that he or her govt have neglected,few days ago a group of MMM participant mostly youth stormed a teaching hospital in Edo State n used the money made from MMM to settled hospital bills virtually for every patient on admission our govt n her partner haven’t heard of this, MMM participants now organized in all the corners of the country in helping the widows, visiting of charity homes n identifying with them in various issues our govt n her partner FBI are not aware of that ….. families are smiling bcos of MMM, I have more than 10,friends that now pay their school fees from the produce realised from MMM investment I will continue going on and on with an endless list our govt n his advisors won’t see this…. Because of What?….. Simply because they want to continue using the youth for their devilish purposes….. They know that in the next two years of MMM existence in the country majority of the youth will be richer n more educated to be used so their doing everything possible to stop the progress but it is too late….. Government n those promoting war against MMM claiming that you want to protect Nigeria n Nigerians where were u when MMM entered the country?…..that is to tell u government n FBI that we don’t need your help only God can protect us, but if it’s because your CBN governor complained that the banks had in few months of MMM existence greatly lost the patronage from the customers, then that is not the way forward but looking for ideal policy that can woo your customers back than dirty game of yours, just permit me to say bye for here hence I can continue talking till tomorrow of the goodness Of MMM to me n Nigerians…. Govt stare clear on our way, Nigerians don’t need your protection our money is our money not govt or FBI’s money.

  2. Why would FBI interfere s by shutting down MMM network in Nigeria while they fold their hands watching millions of unemployed graduates roaming the streets of Nigeria without getting them a job or provide capital for them to invest in….mtchewww

  3. Your matter how things happened or goes every things that have beginning must has an end that is d system of this world, abo oro fun omoluabi eyi tobaleti tosiman ohun to nfin she maashalam.

  4. Nigerian federal government is very stupid headed by a cow. FBl should be very stupid to listen to these fools, they can’t stop book haram, they can’t create jobs. Fools.

  5. So the government know what people are suffering
    And they want us to continue suffering being slaves God may almighty God punished as many that are reasoning it and your fbi so called now I know that the government is evil .

  6. Nigeria government never wants to see Nigerians doing well, all what they want for us is suffering & jobless. Why would they shut down this MMM are we the only country doing it? God will never forgive you people if you shut this thing down & those FBI that doesn’t want us for progress also will never successful in their plans.

  7. Wat nonsense fbi my foot…re we complaining, why is d federal government such a obstacles of. Blessings? Hw can fbi want to join force with nigeria government to stop MMM?what kind of stupid thing is dat one?…..see boko haram has been killing our nigeria USA has never come to help us fight boko haram,dat has be killing our fellow Nigerians…see Niger delta militants dat has been bombing pipe line FBI has not come to rescue us from them….its MMM dat we Nigerians has been befitting from dat dey want to cum and close….meaning our government has been taking us as fools all this while….meaning our government has been using our head all is while….Mr FBI people Shey in ur country ur government pay u citizens some setting amount of money every month?….in nigeria wat do we get?…empty promises hw dey re going to provide jobs,good roads, free education #5000 to every unemployed youth in nigeria e.t.c empty promises… we hv decide to take d risk o putting our money into MMM and it has been paying us well…u people re coming from no well to say u want to come and stop MMM…please make una stay una country we don’t need u people’s help…if MMM decide to run away wit our money leave it for us it our money nt government money so FBI and federal government should please mind their business….LONG LIVE MMM

    • If anything happens to dis mmm DAT ve brought me out of begging life to a giving life den d government go know say we youths are not fools and won’t let this just go. They shld try and see

  8. A useless set of people who came out from the pit of hell to rule us in the name of Nigerian government. So MMM is now our problem in Nigeria where there’s unployment, no electricity, no good water, no good roads, Boko haram killing in the north and the army in the South East harassing the people they are meant to be protecting. Everything in the country collapsing. The rich getting richer, the poor getting and the rich and Nigerian government have fought so hard to make sure they eliminate the middle class from the system and they see MMM as a threat . They are scared of the breakthrough MMM has brought to the masses. No one to prostrate before them anymore for a peanut. No youth to be used as devilish tool during election anymore. They are scared of the upliftments. They want the masses to remain in a perpetual poverty. What a country? So you could get the help of FBI to shut down MMM who has reduced this recession you brought upon your people yet you couldn’t get these people to help in Chibok girls saga instead you offered these blood soaking demons who have killed thousands of your people amnesty. A useless government. I see the fall of this country if they ever succeed in crashing mmm. The youths are the power of this country and when millions of them are affected, no toothless bull dog can stop them when head straight to both Asorock and house assemble to bring them down. Now it’s not about MMM crashing but Nigeria government helping to crash MMM, what an irony? It’s a clear indication that this government is wicked.

  9. Instead of the stupid Nigeria government to use FBI to shut down Boko haram, senile old men. How is it their concern? Is it not our money? They don’t just want to see Nigerians financially stable, while they loot away our billions.

  10. Our so called government prefers spending money on useless Tins, D partnership wit d Fbi z it for free?why not use dat fund and improve d lives of their citizens.May God help us all

  11. holyghost fire Nigerian weapon fashioned against MMM nd its members shall prosper..stupid people..wicked people..demons..greedy fools..i graduated frm a federal polytechnic wit distinction in computer science nd refused 2 giv me direct entry admision..i got frustration nd sadnes becos of d fear of tomorow..nw MMM hs com 2 put smiles on my face..nd dis armed robbers wan do nonsens..FIREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  12. Topaz may ALMIGHTY BLESS U. jealousy pple, enemy of Progress mmm will still continue. FBI go shutdown boko haram instead of shutting down this financial community of helping hands

  13. FBI or whatever u call urself, why don’t u partner with d govt and eradicate corruption which has been a syndrome. Before thinking of shutting down mmm which has liberated lives in d country, u shud first of all think of endin militancy and boko haram.

  14. MMM is not d problem for the government or FBI they re d ones making it dey problem if dey try to close it. Government and FBI shld plz face dey problem and let us d masses face ours. They cant be giving us peanut and also tell us where to spend it on. MMM has done more good than harm, is bcus dey ve seen dere is no way dey can ve dey way with it. If we can go tru d MMM sites we will see where it was clearly stated dis is to frustrate d government i think dat is what is happening now. So well done MMM ur plans re working and now u re been hunted for bring out the truth to us.

  15. for me i think NIGERIA has major problems to fight against, corruption,boko haram, millitants, cultist sagas.. its so obvious that our leader (oga @the top)do not want our progress… MMM has come to stay, no MMM participant that has been following the rules, has ever complained.. i believe every participant can testify to that… The FBI & the FEDRAL government should look for a way to improve the MMM system in nigeria to work better and effectively for the youth and unemployed graduate..GOD BLESS THE FEDRAL REPUBLIC OF NIGERIA, LONG LIVE MMM

  16. Propaganda, aimed at scaring people from participating thereby bringing down the activities of MMM in Nigeria. Unfortunately, they have failed woefully, because no one is going to be disturbed by their propaganda. Long live MMM! Together we change the world!

  17. I remember when bitcoin was fought against by same US government, they thought they could win that battle, but failed. This is just a propaganda as the story is not real. No such story ever aired on bbc or cnn. MMM gave me the opportunity to earn back my life. Im no longer a job applicant of 4 years anymore. God bless mmm jor

  18. Lol. Sorry is ur name FBI and the so called Nigerian government that can’t use their brain or know their left from their right. Get ready for robbery and kidnapping in Nigeria because that’s what you want.

  19. Your comment..Hmmm it’s so pathetic nd so unfortunate, for FGN trying to stop mmm. all this is just a mere propaganda!
    mmm can only be shutdown by her participants. ko le work joor. live long mmm Nigeria. . may heaven rain down fire on all the evil people called FGN.. awon were gbogbo

  20. Since i was born i have been hearing that Nigeria is the “giant of Africa”, growing with the mind set that all shall be well soon without knowing the issues and high level of illiteracy among the Nigerian so called Government officials cannot do something better to raise up the poor masses but all to no avail. they are only concerned on how to own a foreign account. Ghana, Togo, Libia, Benin etc are now better and have more united government than Nigeria that claim to be the giant of Africa. MMM will continue to raise the poor and uplift the interested rich ones who would want to do better in life since our government have totally ignored the poor mass. MMM Is the “CHANGE” Nigerians have ever praid for unlike “APC CHANGE” that totally brought mess to Nigerian Government. Nigerian is now concerned about MMM. what about the costly things in the market. the poor cannot afford for food any longer, boko haram killing innocent lives, niger delta millitant issues, just to mension but a few. THE SO CALLED TRAVELING HERE AND THERE NOT MINDING NOR TRYING TO LISTEN TO THE CRY OF HIS CITIZENS. it only hell fire that will answer you all that try to worsen the situation of the poor masses. MMM FOREVER IN NIGERIA

  21. U guys should stop complaining, and sit down to be observant,one this picture is been edited,and two if u no BBC news this is to their icon…I rest my case

  22. Those fools are smart to a reasonable extent. why they always come up with all these their rubbish news every monday is this:
    1. To discourage people not to pay their orders
    2. because they believe that the strength of the system depends on the number of participants that are active
    3. they know that people get blocked once they refuse to pay orders within 48hours.
    Do not get fooled!!! MMM NIgeria has not violated any laws. MMM has never and will never receive any funds from Nigerian Government. All their ‘experts’ craving the down fall of MMM Nigeria has never offered Nigeria anything. if they are too sure of their senseless forecasts, let them allow MMM to die a natural death nah!!!!
    Keep the Eagle flying!!!!!!!!! MMM rules!

  23. But why are they so much interested in pls. But the risk isn’t theirs.Yes they have warned us and that should be enuf. Haba ni…

  24. Banks are at it again….lol they are paying morons like this to propagate false stories guys I have been to several news hubs(international) and none recorded this shitty talk about MMM…..Long Live MMM

  25. For God so love Nigerians that he send MMM to us in this of recession that whoso ever believe in it will have everlasting gain.

  26. I HATE THIS FUKING NATION WERE THE ONLY THIN THE LEADERS WISHES IS FOR THE POOR TO KEEP GOING POLAR BUT THANK GOD FOR God so love Nigerians that he send MMM to us in this of recession that whoso ever believe in it will have everlasting gain. Sorry is ur name FBI and the so called Nigerian government that can’t use their brain or know their left from their right. Get ready for robbery and kidnapping in Nigeria because that’s what you want

  27. Why will FBI and Nigeria government want to shut down MMM when their are no jobs out there what the youth are hoping on and living on you now want to take it from them,that will be on your hands if it happen that Nigerian youth frustrate your government and sends you back to your miserable home town. Ever since you came into government as president million of Nigerians are suffering. If Nigerian government are planing to shut down MMM start from Aso Rock,Senate and House of Representatives. Close are there Account and Close all Banks and see those that will cry more. Go to line how to combat terrorism and corruption LIVE MMM LONG LIVE MMM MMM MMM MMM!!!!!!! WILL STAY AND IS JUST GETTING STARTED.M M M !!!!……