Breaking: Beware!! Faked Ultimate Cycler Surfaces On Online [ULTIMATE CYCLER PLUS) –...

Breaking: Beware!! Faked Ultimate Cycler Surfaces On Online [ULTIMATE CYCLER PLUS) – Peter Wolfing Warns Nigerians


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From the look of things, Peter Wolfing site has been completely cloned and it works perfectly. I’m not shocked a bit; as a matter of fact, I was expecting such to happen as soon as Peter Wolfing UltimateCycler was keeping millions of Nigerians on hold… Beware UltimateCyclerPlus – Peter Wolfing Warns

Here’s what the smart CEO/Author and Coach has to say relating to the Thievery;

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I ask anyone with ethics to come down on this site that went out of their way to steal my site name, design, programming and also to deceive others into thinking they are an official Ultimate Cycler site. How people have the balls to do that is incredible!

Join then at your own risk.



Peter Wolfing

Mr. CEO welcome to Nigeria where we can build and clone your own idea and make millions from it before you wake up. But then again, Nigerians please avoid and stick with the UltimateCycler you know.

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  1. [12/12, 15:09] Bishop: Omo peter wolfin dey dul smart men one take over his business, no time money must be made
    [12/12, 15:09] Bishop: Peter wolfin said we should wait again for another 10days who get time to waste
    [12/12, 15:20] Bishop: Let just make more money with this one and wait while wolfin finished his project

  2. While u are waiting for ultimate have you had of lcharity it another fast growing platform where u pay 6000 to be 30,00 then pay 12,00 to get 3000,00 call me if you are in interested u will get your 30k in two days time 08022988384 join an active team

  3. Are you guys serious… ultimatecyclerplus is real and working. I registered yesterday and two people have paid me already. join now and and start making your money

  4. Actually some people’s patience have run out while other people’s patience are running out. I’m at lost here, I av made several refunds to aviod embarrassments. So my own patience is running out too b/c I need to recover all that I av lost. Please Peter Wolfing, stop telling us stories everyday. Do fast and get this lunched. I in particular, am so tired of your silly excuses. Now u warn against UltimateCyclerplus and expect us to remain loyal to your uneding upgrade? You must be out of your mind. All network are the same or a bit different. For example E-Cooperative & Paid Rocket are the same, iCharity & Crowd Rising are the same pattern too. So stop warning against Ultimate Cycler Plus and do something.

  5. Your comment..ulyimatecyclerplus is truly not from Peter wolfing he would hv bin the one to announce it. It’s just some oda communual monetary agency that is copywriting the famous uc site. Bt the truth is that ulyimatecyclerplus is NOT FAKE!! it’s really working.

  6. As far as am concerned Ultimatecyclerplus is not a scam, I registered yesterday and 3 person’s have already paid me.
    Follow this link for fast growing

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  8. Ultimate cycler plus is great. The should not be afraid of ultimate cycler for with time people will troop from ultimate cycler to it


  10. Ultimate cycler plus seems to be either really fake or afraid of dat ultimate cycler is back, I think ultimate cycler plus knew b4 us on d return of ultimate cycler so is afraid to continue nw dat d mean man is back, I just think they are gone becus their server is totally off, Its nt dat they crashed they ran off becus the main one has cum bck

  11. Peter wolfing hacked the site ultimate cycler plus cos he wasn’t happy with cycler plus this is to bad cos the copy cat his site

  12. ultimate cycler i do not no why u don’t match people ever sees you came up please peter wolfing i need my 12,500 back if you can not pay me 50,000 .

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