Breaking!! Dubai Police Declare All Nigerians In Deira Wanted (Photo)

Breaking!! Dubai Police Declare All Nigerians In Deira Wanted (Photo)


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All blacks in Deira, Dubai are in hideout. there is a warrant of arrest for all Nigerians after some groups of suspected Nigerians stabbed CID, So the Dubai police arrests all blacks without minding the nationality

“A Group of 6 Nigerian boys yesterday stabbed a ClD many times to death in Deira which is the heart of business in Dubai. This has resulted to the massive arrest of blacks despite their nationalities.

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Equally, a ban has been placed on Nigeria. The United Arab Emirates will no longer issue visas to Nigerians anymore.

Those of you who have relatives in Dubai should be warned. The atmosphere is so hot most especially for those without permits .

Nigerians have painted us black again. If there should be good people remaining on this earth, the Emiratis are some of them!

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Why why why Nigeria? Not only are you going down for this wicked action but other black race in general.”

Source: Enzyhub

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  1. That’s fault of Nigerian govt, if all is well in that country call Nigeria, if we a quality and substable govt, there wouldn’t have been mass immigration of Nigeria citizens to Dubai. How many UAE citizen do u know in Nigeria. Nonesene!

      • Who told u is fake news is true?a police cid was killed by a group of blacks.butnot really sure if they are nigerians.the emirates in general call all blacks in uae nigerians.

      • Hey it’s true… I work in CID department and am a Nigerian…. My job is threatened… So it’s true there’s a ban for Nigeria citizens here in the United Arab Emirates

        • May God kill you ten times if you say ibos are responsible. Basterd who is your father? Do u have a name in Nigeria? Fool! You can hate us , yes but you can not kill us. Your blind hate will kill u. Bastard.

        • This is a typical word of a Yoruba man.You hate Igbos but would not want them to leave your useless Nigeria.The London police who was stabbed to death by a Yoruba man in broad day light on the streets of London was also Igbo isn’t it?useless set of tribe that hates Igbo but wish to be like the Igbos.

          • Whether na Igbo or Yoruba who cares, the fact that some delinquent youth do something and they say they Nigerians is nothingi think its because they are blacks, if it was white Americans will they place embago on them.
            People from other countries that are not from the African continent I will not be treated like this.
            They should just catch all those involved and stop blaming a whole race for nothing. When Arabs go bombing and are into terrorism do they place embargo on them

        • You are a fool to bring tribes into this. Who are the ones selling drinks and constituting nuisance in Sabhka area? Is it not the Yorubas?
          Igbos are mostly around Deira Park hotel and it is obvious they are legally doing their business coz you’ll always see cargoes being packed around there. The police also patrols there with no drama.
          Your hatred for people better than you has clouded your ability to use your brain. Pathetic fool.

        • Hey….. Shout up, I have a guy called Calipso and he was in my house…..and the boy was stabbed to death on a faithful day… So u didn’t hear about that news and the guys that stabbed him to death….. Go and ask for which tribe..

    • You are very stupid for this comment…I wish your mother aborted you… your brother’s are bringing shame to our country and stupid u comes up here to say trash…

      • guy comment so that people will learn from you not hat speech or abusive word to anyone. can those comments actually make you to burst out like this ? mmmmmm bros

  2. Why are u bloggers posting lies just draw traffic to ur site…someone that has not left his street were ever u are, is talking trash against otber

  3. Most of this indiplinery act made by black men in either Europe, Asia or any other part of the world people consider it as Nigeria,didn’t we have a good people, this is blanktant lies.

  4. Y r people circulating false news. I work in deira everyday I never had of dis news pls and pls stop spreading false story..we have many law abiding Nigerians in deira..d cid r only after d igbo boys selling acholor to people becos dubai government forbid drinking its a criminal offence. …thank u

  5. Pls get your fact before posting rumors. It’s like you don’t know dubai. Nobody can stab police. Africans atrocities are just much 9aj just been a victim too. 3 9ja guys robed a grocery around the neighborhood and they got arrested and oloshos too are many here and they are mainly ugandas and this oshiomole state girls.

  6. It unfortunate that Nigerians represent the most blacks African in Uae how do they identify the nationality of those 6 guys.if this story is true i will like if police can put their picture on news paper for everyone to see,it painful sometimes to see how other nationality because of their envy towards Nigerians always look for something to discredit Nigerians,but it painful when i hear about my country people doing those negatives things

    • Thanks for your comment, funny enough, no body knows the people involve in this, if they are Nigerian or other African countries. they are busy exposing there level of ignorance.

  7. Nigeria is a zooo with coruppete government ….that is why United State of Biafra are fighting their fridom so that we can be on our own
    Nigeria is a zoooooooo
    Nigeria don already expired

    All hail Biafra

  8. This is fake news, I live in Dubai and the market there in Direa is moving on fine… listen 👂🏿 before u post , this is fake news

  9. Please kindly discard this news, firstly it has no source, second am living close to Deira in Dubai UAE but only the rumour and speculation nothing is real

    • Hi Olaide, some of friends in UAE told me it is true. dis gvs me big concern as am planning my trip next week and my landing airport is DXB. My friend are afraid of coming to dubai to pick me.

  10. This is a baseless and judgemental action! You can’t punish a whole sovereign nation because of a bunch of criminals who were not even proven to be Nigerians!citizens from the best countries of the world do bad stuffs all the time, and all other citizens were not banned! ! Have you heard of BALI 9? Nigerian government should go ahead and ban all the citizens of Dubai too from entering Nigeria because sometimes these big headed countries forget that their citizens also enter other countries for business and other stuffs! If you have problems with a country, please follow diplomatic channels!

  11. It is the BAD ones among us that are many and connected that are making Governancce Difficult,either using tribe,section or tribe to promote their GREED,Selfishness and insatiable lust for wealth,etc. Now that God give us PMB,let us(Nigerians) suppor him in every aspect and pray for him(PMB) to succed. NEVER allow CORRUPTION to Fight Back. Through RESPECT for Laws and Orders Plus hardwork we can rebuild and claim back The Nigerian Glory. God bless

  12. Guys we are all Nigerians and one thing I want you all to know is there is no country or tribe that does commit crime let’s save all the abuses and think positively about our country we should pray for Nigeria we have too many probs already

  13. From the comments. We blame the government.blame the Igbos. Blame the yorubas. Blame every tribe if you may,Nigerians are Nigerians the sooner we accept this the better. We are all accountable for the rot in our country.

    If an American killed someone in the UAT will that be the reason to ban US citizens.I just think other respectable Nigerians should not suffer for the evil of the few. And I pray Nigerians just accept each other regardless of tribe or tongue. We can be a greater nation onlynsa if we stand United.

  14. Some people want to travel to dubai but has failed, then, they want to tell rumour. If you want to travel to dubai I will buy visa for you. Do not use rumour. Ok?

  15. How does this incident concerns president Buhari,s gov,t..Nigerians should stop being hypocrites and support their president..Change in every gov,t starts with the individuals and not with the presidency..The same people that were chanting praises for Buhari have become carriers of banners against him..

  16. Big fat lies….it never happened..this is pure rumour…I live and do my biz in deara.did u see the stabing?? Or hear say? Lol..yes vissa stope..there other reasons 4 that…we have seen that happen severel other yrs…

  17. Shut the F…k up and stop saying Nigerian has paint you black as if BLACK is a bad color. I guess you’ve been brainwashed and manipulated by the WHITE man to believe your color is bad. I do not condone what they did but crime happen any where and any how.

  18. Am ashame of this. I happen to travel to 4 different countries. But I always try to convince them about Nigerians which they hardly believe….now see even in Deira. Emirate has always been a peaceful place. Nigerians I beg ooo

  19. A beast will refer to Nigeria as zoo,yet u lives therein, obviously u and your family are Animals,just wanna clear your doubt, because you believe you can talk better than other tribes which I strongly knows that u all are learning, anyway this is the simple truth/reason I’m not worried about this tribe called (IGBO) aka, cannabis /weeeds/marijuana, why wouldn’t they behave/talk carelessly like an Animal/lunatic, therefore remain calm, a time would come that you all be shown where your great ground fathers were hung to death…… fed to the Dogs and cremated,!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. You are so sick for posting these nonsense fabricated story about Nigeria. I live and work in Dubai and I was in Diara yesterday (Sunday). You should look for some else to post.

  21. Nigerians are a disgrace when it comes to abroad. There is nothing happening I’m abroad that is related to bad life which Nigerians are not involved. After they will be blaming government. No did government send u to kill an Emirati police man.? The shameful thing is that this people are not from house. But I know u guys knows were they are from. This is real. Visit am also in UAE and I know all about this. God have mercy on us for this not to affect us

  22. very typical of these stinking Arabs — 6 rough boys stabbed a CID, so that means all black persons living in Dubai have to be harassed, molested and arrested. What a bunch ignorant wicked people.

    Maybe America should start arresting all te Arabs. After all, it was indeed the Arabs who used planes as missile and brought down the World Trade Center NYC. Over 3000 people were killed in that criminal act by the Arabs.

  23. Al black r not refer as Nigeria two nigeria r causing most crime in UAE because they don’t like to work I can’t count how many Nigerian that I have help them secure a job at the end they will start problem at the company that salary is small mind u that they r others nationalities working with there some salary really I don’t no what is wrong with Nigeria people if ur country is that good why come here n spoiled the name of others black if any Asia see a black their fist question is r u from Nigeria they r asking that because of the bad things Nigeria’s have involved in to they r not patients enough so please my Nigerian brother’s u ppl should keep a cool head.all African government for all the counties in Africa bad but other counties people them ni did act like Nigeria did do for this Dubai na waiti do wonna mad dogs

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    • your papa or your mother no get kidney? then cut it off and sell it to Catholic Charities Humanitarian…capital idiot #Scott

  25. Nigerians have bad reputation Abroad,bunch of thieves, arrogant,distrust,generally u can never trust a Nigerian.u all created a bad image about Africa..u guys are assholes..How do u expect us to stand with u when ya’ll messed shit.!

  26. Its so sad that most people that get visa to travel abroad are the bad eggs becos of thier dubious means… And i beg my ibo bros…stop bringing shame on this country… U guys are everywer doing al sorts…u hear of murder, drug trafficking, robbery in taiwan, thailand, Malaysia, Kenya, South Africa etc na ibo…wats dis????lets tell ourselves d ugly truth… Even n d plane dey are ready to fight cos of window seat…nawa

  27. I wonder how anyone would ascribed such stupidity as a fault to the Nigerian Government. Was if the Nigerian Government that instructed them to stab the officers in Dubai?
    That’s what happens when idiots are privileged to go overseas and then decide to exhibit their animalistic traits causing disgrace to themselves, to Nigeria and also making it more and more difficult of others to enjoys any privileges any longer.

  28. How do you know they are Nigerian?
    So black men has become Nigeria all of a sudden
    Cut the stupid joke already
    Nigerians are good people but they are not stupid.
    How abt giving the full gist of what really happened?not just some cock and bull stories.

  29. How do you know they are Nigerian?
    So black men has become Nigeria all of a sudden
    Cut the stupid joke already
    Nigerians are good people but they are not stupid.
    How abt giving the full gist of what really happened?not just some cock and bull stories.

  30. Who ever that posted this horrible write up should either be insane or has gone Mad.
    Listen people this is my 4 and half in Dubai and I am writing based on experience…the deira that he said the Ekelebe people for dey arrest him villagers was where I actually went yesterday to buy some nija food stuff even I didn’t go with my Emirates ID.
    Fake and crazy stories

  31. Nigerian has a fucking heart to do on do just because they didn’t have long visa just tourism to make secrets business

  32. If they sturbborness get must then they should separate boy out from men…this thing has getting too far from none challant guy who lives in deira..obvious the tamper to Dubai police that has no problem to whatever you work..

  33. any pig that say any trash here again especially the yoruba’s ,the most wicked people in nigeria,the most dirty people,the sabotage,the crincumkrankum,the higgie hagga, will get stabbed like those my friends that just stabbed somebody in his own country,those guys are heroes cos heroes are warriors and they are fearless ,,,,,thumb up to those guys ,if nigeria is a better country why would the youth go to another country to hustle,,,maybe the cid have fucked up and you know guys dont take shit,,,so deal it,God keep those boys safe for,,,,,nigerians are best discribed as international corrupted trained criminals so hate your brothers or love them ,all is your problem they dont care and dont wanna know ,all we know is if we die today you will see me no more and if we dont die you will keep on seeing me ,unless you murder yourself like those yoruba’s father that use to rape there daughter ….lol

  34. U guys really don’t knw wat u are doing , any Nigerian who found guilty let dem furnish him we tin concern us, no be him say Na dat place past 9ja,

  35. It is very pathetic, we are black and we always depict black in our behaviors. Major problem of our dear country is as result of our bad followership and that is why our politicians use and take advantage of us.

  36. Your comment..I visited dubai last year sep,go and see what Nigerians ar doing there drugs,thugs,beer parlour in fact if u enter Dubai ask of oyinbo one small igbo boy is a human traffickers that boy has more than 50 ashewo ladies that he sponsor with oath and made them to pay millions of naira the guy is a millionaire he sell drinks in fact if u visit dubai Nigerians would irritate u, more than 20 ladies inside a room and a man will visit their is terrible under 16 and so on,yahoo yahoo are their they live large

  37. Your people in dubai i know calipso is untouchable cult in dubai is which tribe and who killed him in fact he broke one lady spinner cords in my present in dubai who killed him

  38. Its only in NIGERIA that government didn’t care about their citizens… Mtchew ….. I hate being a Nigerian… When a Nigerian man is working for a foreing country in Nigerian if u make any mistake its still a Nigerian police that will come and arrest u in your own country… We living like a slaves in our father’s land….all country’s re corrupt hidding and they protects their citizen with their corruption but Nigeria is the worse…

  39. Haha haha haha,I think this information not true in this area of this can be happen and no one knows this??some where peoples movement for 24 hours???some where have camera in side outside like 80% of area in deira???if was true I thing they was like to let us know.on time of this badnews heppen or after on time to carrying a victim CID police.but we have darkness in this information.this is a poor politic of gouvernemethe how they hate african.if they don’t want black peoples in this country they need to say the true not to make lier.I thing african are the one of peoples make good business here in dubai not for nothing there’s a big benefits in citizens of UAE.for me I take this like a racist like before too many years ago.

  40. i am not sure whether this story is true or false but the real question is, why the collective punishment, if an Oyinbo man commits a crime they will not issue a warrant for all Oyinbo men, if an Arab commits a crime in Dubai they would not issue a warrant for all Arab man so why is it then that they have issued a warrant against all africans because 2/3 africans committed a crime

  41. I believe this was to gruesome for whichever nationality of the people who killed the POLICE CID BUT I also feel it is really unfair for us other Africans who didn't commit the crime to be denied employment and other visas. please Emirati immigration officials should rectify this ASAP

    Ronnie UGANDA